Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cocaine VVerevvolf

I rise up out of bed every afternoon and say the same thing to myself.
"What the fuck am I doing? This booze and dope shit is too goddamned much. I swear I'm gonna quit drinking and stop eating sandwiches from liquor stores when I'm stoned. You know what I never get a good nights sleep anymore. I'm gonna stop all of this shit and change and get my life in order and be a better person and... and... and..."
Nah fuck that. Anyhow...
Here is the demo that SLAUGHTERHOUSE DEATH KAMP just released. It reminds me of a blend of the first DIE KREUZEN album and JERRY'S KIDS "Is This My World" album if they were played with a little less friendliness. Just super raw coke and whiskey fueled mayhem. This thing is ferocious as fuck. Trust me. There really is no describing this. Maybe it could've been made by these guys after getting a high as fuck for 5 or 6 days straight. But that doesn't even do it justice. I imagine they did that then when they started to come down by eating fistfuls of pills, they got in a fight and recorded it. It's fucking great. Check it out then hunt these fuckers down and go see 'em live so you can get bloodied the fuck up.


  1. Fucking ripping man. Where are these dudes from?

  2. The city of Long Beach California spawned these nasty mother fuckers.