Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cocaine VVerevvolf

I rise up out of bed every afternoon and say the same thing to myself.
"What the fuck am I doing? This booze and dope shit is too goddamned much. I swear I'm gonna quit drinking and stop eating sandwiches from liquor stores when I'm stoned. You know what I never get a good nights sleep anymore. I'm gonna stop all of this shit and change and get my life in order and be a better person and... and... and..."
Nah fuck that. Anyhow...
Here is the demo that SLAUGHTERHOUSE DEATH KAMP just released. It reminds me of a blend of the first DIE KREUZEN album and JERRY'S KIDS "Is This My World" album if they were played with a little less friendliness. Just super raw coke and whiskey fueled mayhem. This thing is ferocious as fuck. Trust me. There really is no describing this. Maybe it could've been made by these guys after getting a high as fuck for 5 or 6 days straight. But that doesn't even do it justice. I imagine they did that then when they started to come down by eating fistfuls of pills, they got in a fight and recorded it. It's fucking great. Check it out then hunt these fuckers down and go see 'em live so you can get bloodied the fuck up.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

In The Land Of Len Bias

It's still a while off but make your plans now so you can be at this show it's gonna be a good one.

California Dreamin'

I can't say who the special guest is for this show cause they have a bunch of contractual obligations that might cause problems. I can say that you wont want to miss this show. It's gonna be a good time.

Friday, October 16, 2009

"Life's A Bitch

... and then you die. That's why we get high. Cause you never know when your gonna go!"

When AZ sang that chorus I was pretty sure mother fuckers were gonna see a lot more of him. Guess what. It happened. When his debut album "Doe Or Die" came out Mickey Featherstone and I were all about it. Mickey had this AZ Doe Or Die sticker that was 8 1/2" x 11" covering the entire back of his bass guitar and when GEHENNA would play shows people used to always trip. I remember when we first heard "Uncut Raw".It was the sickest shit ever. Anyhow if you understand me, cool. If not got get AZ -Doe Or Die.

This aint about that. This is about Rich Bitch Records, the label that Mickey operates. It's a label that releases all sorts of interesting punk rock and roll jams. I put together a Rich Bitch Sample with some of the stuff from the label.

Check this shit.

If you want to check more shit I'll be playing a lot of it on this sunday when I DJ at Laszlo 2526 Mission. San Francisco CA 94110. Come through and grab a drink.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

DEVIL "Live Entry" 7"

I wrote DEVIL and told the drug and drink story of our record deal a little while ago (April 7th "Heavy Metal For Satan" posting). After a lot of hard work by our friends at VEDAVU records and some title and artwork changes by BastardDemon and myself the 7" is almost ready to come out. Order info will be up soon. This will be limited to only 41 copies.

Here is a song that will NOT be on the 7".

This is the artwork that might be used for a limited T-shirt:

Check out VEDAVU here:

I suggest you grab anything they release. Music is fucking ace and the packaging is unreal. Total collector pieces.

P.S. The DEVIL 7" is not $.01 that is an error. It's gonna be something like $15. I'll keep you in the loop.

P.P.S. Feel free to leave comments. I noticed that 42 folks downloaded the 1 day GEHENNA track and I only got 1 person who posted a comment. His comment was that he missed the download, and wanted to know if I would repost it. For real, if you download something just post a comment. It only has to be one word. Like "Cool" or "Nice" or "Good" or "Yuck" or "Buffalo", I don't care just post something so I have a little bit of feedback.

Why do I know I'm gonna see 10 comments that say "Buffalo" tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh yeah...

If your not reading the bikesanbikes blog or the Corduroy Mountain blog you should. They're both great!

GEHENNA - Die High Shirt Series

Now taking pre-orders for the first part of the limited Die High Shirt Series. Pre-orders will end Friday November 6th and all orders will ship Monday November 9th.
Shirts are $15 each or $40 for the set.
For orders outside of the U.S. add $5 for the first shirt and $2 for each additional shirt.

Send paypal payment to:

Be sure to include size and style number in the comments section.

Example: If you live in Mexico and you want an XL GG shirt and the Belushi shirt you will send $37 and the comments will read

XL 001, 003

Oh yeah... Here is a new GEHENNA called "Get Fucked Up".
I'm pulling it down in a day or so so get it now...

Sorry dudes. That download was limited too.
I'll let you know when the record is coming out.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Folk You

In the young part of this decade (i.e. the "wake up 2-early-thousands") I worked for an import music distributor. It was great cause I pretty much chatted on the phone about new releases and re-issued records to store owners all day and got some great promo's. One of them was this VASHTI BUNYAN - Just Another Diamond Day CD. I head it and was so confused by it I hated it but I was selling copies to all of these collector freak record shop dudes. I listened to it a few more times, and still didn't get it. That promo ended up in a stack of stuff to trade in at AARONS records in Hollywood.
Fast forward 6 years to 2007. I was at AQUARIUS records digging in the dollar boxes (the first place to shop in any store) when I saw that odd sounding name VASHTI BUNYAN again. I thought "Fuck it. $1 isn't too much to give this a second chance" and I picked up a promotional copy of "Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind". When I got home I realized that this wasn't the same album I'd had before, but a bunch of singles, b-sides and demos. I listened to it and half way through was completely taken with the rawness and honesty of the sound. While the album i'd heard a few years back had a cleaner, late 60's pop production on a budget feel and sound, the demo material is a much more minimalist. From track 14 on Vashti's haunting voice lies right on top of a steel string acoustic guitar that sounds like it was all part of a one take practice demo. Anyhow check this shit out and if you hate it.... Gimme a minute and I'll post some shit your gonna dig.

R.I.P. Don Steele
R.I.P. Grand Master Roc Raida

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Backyard Babies "Total Live! Hultsfred 14.6.2001"

The Backyard Babies are a real odd band for me to like. They sound of like a blend SOCIAL DISTORTION, and GUNS N ROSES (which are two bands that I hate more than anything) doing mountains of blow and telling stupid jokes (two things which I enjoy). Anyhow, for some reason all of their singles and the TOTAL 13, MAKING ENEMIES IS GOOD, and STOCKHOLM SYNDROME albums which these Mike Ness and Slash worshiping powderheads released still gets played pretty regularly by me. I still like singing alog to it and playing air guitar to it. So check out this live bootleg, then go buy some of their stuff.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hard White

It's MixTape Monday and here goes some goodstuff.

A couple of years back I was in Amoeba's DJ/MIXTAPE section and I found what looked like a new ALCHEMIST mixtape called "Hard White: The Rockumentary". I was pretty excited to hear ALC behind the tables instead of just the boards, and the cover said it featured BIG NOYD and a couple of other QB folks. I dropped it in my basket, picked up some other shit, dropped some cash and split. When I got home and listened to it and I found out that it wasn't really a mixtape, but more like an album, and the only thing ALC did was introduce the mixtape. Needless to say I was a little bummed, but got over it pretty quickly when I heard SID ROAMZ beats and this dude named UN PACINO rap. As I listened to this over and over again for the next 2 weeks, I realized that I didn't give a fuck about any other flows on this thing but U.P.'s verses. Dude sounds like he's relaxed as fuck, while spitting the meanest shit, which is a perfect fit over SID ROAMZ synth heavy beats. Since then it seems like every couple of months I'll hear a song with UN on it and he steals the whole show. Not only that but he's also earned a bit of a reputation as "The Rapper Slapper" for knocking the shit out of entertainers who think the image their publicist gave them is real. Anyhow I wanted to listen to this and I think you folks might like it too.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's been over a month....

...and I still don't have my shit together. I know, I know... Just take it easy. I didn't forget, I just got busy chasing dollars to pay rent and working on some other stuff.

"What other stuff?" your probably thinking. Well I'll tell ya.

1.) DEVIL 7" details. (it should be out the end of August)
2.) GEHENNA "This World Is A Shit Hole" 10" layouts and printing details. (Trust me, even though you may never get one, your gonna always want one. Limited to just 9 copies this soon to be a legendary piece of vinyl should be out by mid July. Start to save your money right now cause they're not gonna come cheap.)
3.) My Grandmothers death. (I wasn't really working on this one, it just sort of happened and took up a bit of time.)
4.) New GEHENNA shirt designs. (These are gonna be great. One will be exclusive through A389 Records and one through the great folks at ICON SCREEN PRINTING.)
5.) A special mail order edition of the GEHENNA - Lands Of Sodom 7". (this is gonna be done by mid July also).
6.) A post that was gonna knock the socks off of some folks.

So this is what I've got for you.

SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS - "Poems To The Wretches Hearts" MCD. This bad motherfucker came out in 99. I liked it a lot when I got it, but it wasn't until later that I really grew to know how much I had in common with this band.
In 2004 I lived at Murder Corner in the city of Orange. I used to lock my self in my room and snort massive rails of coke (we're talking shit the size of hightop sneaker laces) and try to use these songs to fly into another dimension. I would turn this up on my stereo, and I'd play my guitar or bass and hope Satan would use his power and force to control my hand and make the music I was playing and hearing open a portal. A magical passage to a distant place where the winds would drive the cocaine blizzards relentlessly, keeping me high for eons. Where the only light came from a flame climbing towards the end of a cigarette, and the glow of the front of a stereo. A place where the sounds of depressive, cruel, and suicidal minor chords bled into moans and screams of torture, hate, and misery. A place known to SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS as Germany.
Shortly after this CD they released a 7" called "1000 Kalte Winter". It had an all white cover with white printing, and white embossed letters. I think that Germany in 1999 and the city of Orange in 2004 were a lot a like.

Download this and get your guitar and the devil's dandruff ready to open your own gateways.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Hey folks.
Sorry there hasn't been any new stuff for a week. I was out making money.
Anyhow.... It's been brought to my attention by a gentleman in the band VEGAS (yes a gentleman), that the Mediafire is a bit troublesome for folks in many parts of the world to use. So over the last few days I've been trying to find out more about this, and debating on weather or not I should reset my old posts with a couple of different source links. And in the future I'll post everything with a couple of different links. Leave a comment and let me know it seems like a good idea to sort of re-up the older posts. I'm not going to post anything else until I get this sorted out.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TREBLINKA - Discography + a little high fashion.

When I'm off from work and I don't have much to do, I sit around by myself in the dark, listen to music and get wasted all day long. It may sound shallow but honestly, I'm not that bad of a guy. The last couple of days have been pretty blurry, but a lot of fun. I've been meaning to post something but all I've been able to do is be upset with myself for spending all of my money on booze and dope which caused me to not have the money for travel. One of the things that I missed in January was the return of the almighty TREBLINKA. Even though Hellslaughter was not singing and playing guitar I knew the show would've been unreal because my favorite swedish musicians, the evil twins Tyrant and Hellbutcher from NIFELHEIM, filled in for him. Fuck!!! That must have been amazing! I suck for staying home and getting high in my room.
Anyhow I'm posting the double CD discography from TREBLINKA, and I thought I should look around online to find any pictures of the show that might be posted on the web. I looked for a while but everything I found were pictures of the death camp that the band was named after. Right when I was ready to use an old picture that has been seen a thousand times and is the most predictable one to see when your talking about the black metal legend TREBLINKA, I ran into this lil lady you see in the picture above.
Her name is Katie Jane Garside, and not only is she a singer in a wonderfully mediocre pile of shit band, but also a horribly pathetic and predictable artist, a model that mostly poses for out of focus pictures, and a wiz of a seamstress. It seems that she whipped up the wonderful dress she is wearing as part of her "Treblinka Collection". This piece was photographed in a shower too which shows how much of an eye for detail she had about creating the "throw back" look and feel of her new style of clothing which I like to term "extermination camp chic". Note the barbed wire tears, blood and dirt stains, as well as the numbers on the back of the flesh colored fabric. Th dress looks like the nifty little light shades that were made in the swell Polish fashion mecca known as Treblinka back in '43.
How "retro" yet so "fashion forward".

I feel a lot less terrible about myself for staying in my room in the dark, getting wasted, and listening to music right now. At least I'm not pretending to be good at anything, and making nazi couture dresses. Right?
Like I said I'm not that bad of a guy.

Monday, April 27, 2009

"Houston Rocks It"

In 1999 there was an explosion in Hip Hop that changed everything. JAY Z's "Big Pimpin'" single reintroduced the world to the great state of Texas via the brilliant flows of BUN B and PIMP C (Rest In Power). See, although Texas was the home of some of the greatest rap records to ever come out, the music industry wanted to ignore it all together. Texas wasn't even considered an urban "market" at all until some record label asshole realized that the rap scene there didn't die at all, it just went underground. The independent labels, emcees, and D.J.'s just decided to say "fuck the industry" and just do everything themselves, and were slanging mixtapes all across the south. Some of these cats were putting 100,000 mixtapes into the streets, while the major record labels were pushing a bunch of fake shit and throwing up some fucking bricks. Anyhow from "Big Pimpin'" on, the major label dickheads got greedy and started hunting the southwest for the dudes who were selling the most mixtapes. They signed as many motherfuckers as they could and by 2004 ALL of those folks records came out! Honestly man, 2004 to 2005 was fucking nonstop H-Town releases. Every major was trying to get at J-Prince to sell Rap-A-Lot, after just a few years before that, they were telling him the only thing that they ever wanted was the GETO BOYS. Anyhow this dude DJ ELEVEN from New York dropped this mixtape in late 2005 as a bonus disc for the DJ AYRES "Houston For Dummies" mixtape (which is damn good too, except for the fact that he left out the CONVICTS, GANKSTA NIP, the TERRORIST'S, DOPE-E, K-RINO, on a mixtape of Houston legends). Anyhow....
So you should do what I'm gonna, and fire up a joint, spill some liquor out for my dogs that aren't here anymore, then raise my cup to ScrewSton Texas, and listen to this shit.
Click the link to get it.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

MISTREATER - "Hell's Fire" LP + Comp Tracks

MISTREATER are just one more example of how fucking amazing Cleveland Ohio is when it comes to music. These four dudes put together a band to "Sound like UFO" but wound up with something far more sinister and heavy. The vocals kind of remind me of if Paul Di'Anno was in a drug induced trance or something. It's pretty haunting stuff, and coupled with NWOBHM style guitar tones this makes you wonder why any one ever invented solid state electronics. The first thing I heard from these dudes was on the CLEVELAND METAL comp. and I thought they were fucking berserk. I hunted for their stuff for a long time until finally my friend Charles from Cleveland got me set with copies of all of their early recorded output. Anyhow here it is for you to check out and head bang to.

Tracks 1-7 come from 1981's "Hell's Fire" LP
Track 8 is the B-side from the "Hell's Fire" 7"
Track 9 is off of the "CLEVELAND METAL" Comp. LP
Track 10 from "Mitch Capka's CLEVELAND'S HEAVY METAL : ETCHED IN STEEL" Comp LP

Click the link below and get yourself some amazing heavy metal.

Friday, April 24, 2009

HUBBLE BUBBLE - "Hubble Bubble" LP

These turds are some of Belgium's finest, and earliest punks. Like CHAIN SAW, The ONION DOLLS, and The KIDS, these dudes came from a time when there was no formula for how to make a punk record. The vocals on each song go from harsh yelling to over the top corny elvis impressions, to snarling growls, to snotty whining nasal howls. The music does quite a bit of changing through out the record too. There are all of the typical STOOGES, and RADIO BIRDMAN, DAMNED, etc. influences but there are also a lot of odd things in there too. It almost sounds like these guys wanted to put 60's R&B, into the music too. There are songs with odd keyboard parts, whistling, gang chant choruses, new wavy buzzing solid state guitar tones. I think they wanted to play something that was just gonna fuck with anybody who listened. This was their first LP released released in 1978. They had a second record called "Faking" and a couple of 45's too but broke up so their drummer could go on to New Wave stardom as PLASTIC BERTRAND. Anyhow if you haven't heard this I suggest you click the link below and get ready to have a new favorite record. Oh yeah, they actually play the same song twice at the end of the album, It's not a mistake.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

NORTHERN BRIGHT - "Northern Songs"

I was at a baseball game yesterday afternoon. It was 10 innings and the Giants won in the bottom of the tenth.When I was leaving the game I heard some guy talking about "Japanese Efficiency". Initially I was like "Fuck I hate understanding English right now, but then I thought about it and this guy maybe right. You see the Japanese can take anything and study it, master it, duplicate it, upgrade it, and eventually revolutionize it. Think about it. The shipping trade routes of the pacific ocean, cuisine, the automotive industry, baseball, cartoons, jumping in the air and kicking stuff, and NORTHERN BRIGHT are all perfect examples of the Japanese mastering part of a different culture integrating it into their own and revolutionizing it.
Wait... What's that? You don't know about NORTHERN BRIGHT?
Oh... What do you get when 3 guys from Japan hear early 90's Brit Pop?
Yeah that's right, a perfect OASIS meets THE VERVE meets SUEDE blend that is like listening to an unreleased 90's Brit pop classic, except with Japanese and English lyrics. There is a ton of fun "Engrish" pronunciations too. Check it out. It rules.
"You My Lieshing Shuunn."

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PILLSBURY HARDCORE - "Complete Discography 85-86"

I bet upon first glance at this post you might say "Hey look its Eric Wood from the world famous MAN IS THE BASTARD". Well if so your right, but to be honest this is more about the bald dude that's yelling. His name is Bill Tuck. He used to come in the record store I worked at all of the time and is close friends with friends of mine. Every time I saw him I'd ask "When is the PILLSBURY HARDCORE discography coming out?" He would just kind of laugh and say stuff like "Nawww I don't know man. Nobody wants that shit." I asked him the same question for a year and a half straight and got the same answer. So when he told me he was thinking about putting together 100 copies of this discography for friends and folks that were into the PILLSBURY HARDCORE records I simply replied "Thanks dude. I'll take one! I'm glad I asked for it for a year and a half." Bill laughed and told me he would bring one by for me when it was done. I figured it would be another year and a half. I was wrong. 2 days later it was at the store in a baggie with my name written on it. The disc is a CDR and the covers were all hand cut and glued and hand numbered. The inserts are numbered as well and there a circular pice of paper with disc art that is also numbered. Bill went all out on this thing. I mean to do 100 of these in 2 days blew my fucking mind. Here is the breakdown of what's on the disc.

1-7 "In A Straight Edge Limbo" 7"
8-10 "Horror Snores" 7"
11-12 Empty Skulls II Comp.
14-16 End The Warzone Comp.
17-22 Live at Fenders Ballroom

There is also a CD rom portion that has tons of pics like the one up there.

Anyhow, so yeah...Wood is cool and all, but Bill came through with some gold when I least expected it.

Thanks Bill.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Dude... It's still MixTapeMonday.

I DJ'ed (I.E. got paid to get drunk) at LASZLO BAR last night, and when I got home I was ready to talk about DJ's for fucking hours. My roommate wasn't. But I was talking about MixTapeMonday without any concern, and he was like "What was the dude with the name that you were freakin' out about one day?".
"Rodney Dangerfield? Larry Hagman? Bruce Boxleitner?" I asked.
At that point he stopped talking to me, cause he knew I was kind of winding him up. I thought about it for a second and then passed out. I knew I was gonna have to dig up something fun on CD when I came out of my alcohol induced coma this morning. Well I did. But when I was posing the mix tape from my friend BEATNOK and I started to realize that this second mixtape wasn't loading in media fire the right way I was bummed. So I had to go to rapidshare so I don't know if this will work, (let me know if it doesn't and I'll re-work it somehow).
So now I'd like to pay homage to one of the sickest DJ's since Rodney Dangerfield, Larry Hagman, Bruce Boxleitner, or even the short but sweet Gary Coleman (don't blame me for California's problems I voted for Gary).By the way none of those folks is a DJ but I'm still a little bit drunk right now so I can't help but to say stupid shit to wind you up. Get ready to be X-Ecuted by hands of the one and only DJ GRANDMASTER ROC RAIDA.
By the way there is no track list on the CD at all so don't bother asking, cause I'll just make up some bullshit just to wind you up. Enjoy this shit.

BEATNOK - X Amount Mix Tape

Welcome back to MixTapeMonday. Since it 4/20 and all I thought I'd drop a couple of posts. One is because I think both of these are amazing. And two... well, cause I aint got shit else to do. Anyhow... Like ol' SLICK RICK said "Heeeeeerrre we go".

Do you see that young man in the picture up there? The one who looks like he is DJ's in a burning building? Yeah, thats my man Nico a.k.a. BEATNOK. He's a great guy and an awesome DJ. I met him when he used to DJ at the bar I work at here in San Francisco. His thursday night Reggae party was the night of the week I always looked forward to. Nice folks, good music, weed, and a lot of laughing. BEATNOK and the whole I&I VIBRATIONS sound system kind of out grew the bar and started to move on to bigger stuff. They throw a friday night at El Rincon where they bring through a ton of folks to play music like along with legends like THE MIGHTY DIAMONDS, and TERRY GANZIE. But the night of the week that is always amazing is monday at Skylark on 16th street in San Francisco. I suggest you go check it out for yourself. IT IS MIND BLOWING! Monday nights anywhere are usually dead everywhere and there's never anything happening but at Skylark it is completely different. It gets packed full of people there to dance, drink, smoke weed, and live good. So here is one of BEATNOK's mix tapes. Give it a listen and then if you live in the bay area go to Skylark on a Monday night. Oh yeah... If you wanna talk Basketball the bartender at Skylark Kyle is the man.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


What is wrong with John Zwetsloot?
He played in DISSECTION and wrote some of their most greatest material. He did session guitars for NIFELHIEM playing on one of the greatest metal records of all time. He formed CARDINAL SIN and wrote and recorded this 4 masterpiece. They have everything needed to be fucking massive. CARDINAL SIN had an all star line up, great songs, a great recording and a name that implies that they embraced every sort of perversion and evil. But all of that didn't mean shit, because this is all they did. Since this 1996 release this was their only output. Everyone that I know who got this release was been holding their breath and anxiously awaiting more. Then it all kind of went away. No one seemed to talk about it, or even give a crap. And why is that? I'm not sure but according to Swedish metal lore John Zwetsloot was just a little late. He was supposedly nixed from DISSECTION for being late to practice, late to shows, and late to recording sessions. Now 13 years on there is still no second release from CARDINAL SIN, and I don't think there ever will be, because no one cares to wait around anymore.

Moral of the story... No matter how good you are set your alarm. Oversleeping can really screw things up for your carrier as a Satanic Heavy Metal superstar, or a pro bowler or whatever. No on like to be left waiting.

Ask just ask that fruit Axl Rose how things turned out for his "Chinese Democracy".

Friday, April 17, 2009

BLIND TO FAITH "The Seven..." LP

A few posts back I talked about BLIND TO FAITH.
When Ol' Nabbe The Bastard sent me this I wasn't too sure what to expect I just thought it was gonna be an average hardcore record. I was SOOOOOO wrong! Rob Nabbe (the drummer and heavy drinker of the band) sent me a copy of the album. I haven't copied it or even played it for anyone, but I've listened to it non-fucking-stop! Now it's just about to come out, and while there is a little time left to pre-order the limited LP, I thought I'd take this time to write something like a record review and take you folks through a track by track analysis of what happened in my head when I first heard this and why this record is so goddamned amazing. Grab a drink and some snacks....

When "The Seven Fat Years Are Over" starts there is less than 2 seconds of shrill guitar feedback. It reminds me of the sounds of a cars breaks. This is what the music on this record looks like in your mind when you close your eyes and listen to it.

An unmarked van screeching to a halt behind you, and as you look over your left shoulder, you see the the doors slide open and watch as guns are raised in your direction. That is when the fire fight starts for real! Whirlwind drums and blinding guitars fire round after round into the air while the dogs held at bay are barking viciously. The Sgt. yells "Kill On Sight" orders to his squad for the next 45 seconds. Just as you think the nightmare is over and you've escaped by climbing into the recesses of a tight alleyway, the voice of Sgt. Stijn grunts "Alright". The BTF death squad begin to spread slowly through the alley ready to end your life. They rip through and pass you, but just when you think you've lost them the choppers swoop down. The chopper pilot yells through bull horn countering Sgt. Stijn's orders for you to surrender. As the BTF Death quad search the wet grimy streets you know you may not be able to run much further and as you hear them closing in, Stijn threatens you with "Suffer the loss of all your hopes and dreams. The end is drawing nearer and nearer". Your know your fucked. Your caught. You lose consciousness from the course, relentless beating. Waking up in a cold sweat strapped to a table in a dark room you think "I feel the hands, their wrapped around my neck" the interrogation, and torture begin. rubber hoses beat your flesh while bolt cutters snap away at your fingers. Cruel and primitive surgical devices lance your skin, while white hot metal stabs the wounds to cauterize them and stop the bleeding. The pain takes you within an inch of your life. Death would be a saviour now as the lights start to dim. Your cold and growing colder by the second. Trapped some where between hell and hallucinations the voices of your tormentors bleed into your own thoughts and meld with the demons that are inside you. As they call your name speaking in a forgotten and primal language the visions of suicide, homicide, and genocide create fuel to feed the dark and benevolent forces that climb through your thoughts. You give up hope for freedom and embrace the fact have been transformed into a member of their death squad killing cult. Now there is no god or Satan. There is only the will to live by conquering and destroying. You've become BLIND TO FAITH.

This is pretty much side 1 in a nutshell. Put your drink down, and wipe the cheeto residue from your fingers. It's time to see for your self.

Click this link to listen to a couple of tracks.

Then click here to pre-order the record.

For real. Just do it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hot Pursuit

HOT PURSUIT were a bunch of fuckers from Orange, and Santa Ana, that didn't give a shit about wasting time. The 7 song demo your about to hear is just under 5 and a half minutes long. The production of the demo is raw and fucking hash sounding, and was recorded live on a 4 track in one take. The disc's themselves were spray paint stenciled grey, red, white, and blue one night at the Santa Ana loft where everything else was done. In the spirit of not wasting time they all realized that HOT PURSUIT was too good to play 4 minute shows anymore and they broke up. In 2006 they decided to get back together, but like the saying goes, "good things never last". I guess they were in a hurry to break my heart and not play or record anything else. Don't waste anytime download this and get ready to hear some hardcore.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Super Rock Sunday

Hey Dudes... I gotta go play some records for my homie Joey's 30th birthday party tonight, and I realized I should get a flyer up here so fools can take note and try to come out when I play songs.

I DJ at Laszlo Bar in San Francisco's historic and wonderful Mission District every 3rd Sunday of the month. Come by and check the shit out. It's fun and there is booze. Anyhow....
New post with ultra good stuff coming soon. (like tomorrow soon. Gotta go.

Monday, April 13, 2009


This little piece of auditory gold came out in 2001, and as far as I remember it was supposed to be "pretty limited". So the record shop I worked at ordered whatever we could get our hands on (I think it was from Revolver distro). Anyhow when we sold through them we didn't get restocked. I was a little bummed out that I missed this thing. Especially cause when I heard it the day they came in stock I was blown away. "How in the fuck on earth did I not buy that fucking DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist shit?!? Fuck!" I repeated this sentence for months. Almost to a point where I would look at invoices from distros and see that we had it back ordered and it was never coming back. We got zeroed on invoice after invoice and I started to just give the fuck up. Then one day an import distro listed "Product Placement" on their fax. We ordered 10 copies, knowing that we wouldn't ever see 'em. When our order came and we got it in the order I freaked out. I listened to DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist rip the fucking shit out of records, on both of these 30 minute tracks, non stop for a week straight... Good times. Anyhow Ol' Aesop at the COSMIC HEARSE blog just dropped "Brain Freeze" (which is a stone cold killer too) and reminded me of how bad assed this album is, and I thought I'd post it so all of you could peep it if you didn't have it. So scroll down, click the link, and enjoy.


This is gonna be the first post in a series that I'm gonna call "Mix Tape Monday". Basically I'm gonna upload a different mix tape that I think you should try and check out every monday. If this aint your bag then just wait till Tuesdays to read this blog from now on.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The N.G. Supertape

In 1995, Rhodes, D.C. and I moved from Reno back to San Diego. It was an odd situation, and we were living in an office space that was about the size of an handicap toilet stall. There was no bathroom in it we had to go down the street, or break into one of the abandoned offices which were filled with dirty needles and broken rock pipes from the other dead beats that were doing the same thing. I got pretty tired of this shit pretty quick. My friend Forrest Locke from ENEWETAK in the city of Orange was like "Yeah I guess you could come crash here in Orange if you hate it down there. We're friends dude. Plus you gotta here the new songs we got for the LP."
That pretty much settled it pretty quick.
I was up there in a day or two and lived in Fo's room in Orange for almost a year.
While I was living there Fo and I played the OASIS "What's The Story..." record CONSTANTLY. It was the sound track for every meal. Every car ride. Every night out. EVERYTHING! 
Forest became a brother to me, and since then we've been through all kinds of shit. When I was living in Phoenix in 1997 he brought me a out a care package from Orange with "Be Here Now" and a ticket to go see OASIS in L.A.. We've played music together, we traveled in Europe together (getting wasted as fuck). He helped me move to Reno in 2004 and we got all pilled out and over caffeinated on the drive there. We were laughing, talking and listening to OASIS the trip. 10 hour drives ain't so bad when your doing 'em with somebody who you like hanging out with.

On last Sunday April 5th Forrest's dad, Garold passed away. It's been fucking my head up all week. G. Locke was pretty close to Fo, and any dad that would put up with with me living in their house for a year is a pretty great dude. I never saw him as happy as when all the kids and grandkids were piled up in one room. We're all gonna miss him.

Back in 1999 I gave Forrest a cassette called "The Noel Gallagher Super Tape" it was a mix I'd put together of a bunch of b-sides and live stuff that weren't on any of the albums. I lost my copy, and I'm sure Fo lost his. But this is pretty close to what track list on the tape was.

Dom Done Dis Download

aaaaaaaaaaaay Dudes...
My buddy Dom runs this fucking fantastic record label called A389 Recordings. He's super big on quality product with super sharp packaging and stuff. He works really hard to do some great records. When Dom and I talked about GEHENNA's "War Of The Sons.." on vinyl he was super excited and said (and this is an actual quote from him that he said to me on the phone because I fucking wrote it down):

"I want to put out this record for Me. So it has to look good. I want to sit around looking at it for hours."

And he does that with EVERYTHING he does!
He is like the ultimate record geek that started a label just so he could add to his dream collection.

Anyhow here is a URL for a the site.

Go there and get the free label sampler. Then buy some of those goodies from him so you can geek the fuck out too

Thursday, April 9, 2009

So long Marv....

My buddy James pointed this out to me.
It's been a fucking terrible week.

R.I.P. to my friend G.Locke.
R.I.P. to the Eraser.

I gotta fuck with some music and weed to get my mind right.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

GRAVEHILL "Practitioners Of Fell Sorcery" Demo

Yeah I know I stole the image from Der Pope...
Yeah I know I told R.T. and Mikey that they had to tell Aesop to stop making this cassette cause Shane BastardDemon was upset...
And yeah I know that I told a lot of my friends that I would never post this, nor would I let anyone else...

But look I figured since Damn Shane BastardDemon and I own 66.6% of the rites for this recording, and I just got an email from Rhett and Mikey today, I'd post this before somebody else does and the story gets all screwed up and people start telling other people crazy bullshit.

Anyhow Fasten you seat belts here goes.

In 2000 R.T. Thorgrimm and I used to work together as professional Clock-Milkers, and Lunch-Break-Extenders for an import CD distro. We would hang out everyday and talk about music. We shared common interest like getting wasted, eating, laughing about funny shit, and HELLHAMMER. We would always rap about music for hours then clock out and do the same thing on the ride home in my pest control van. We introduced a lot of good music to one another. I gave him copies of G.I.S.M. and BULLDOZER records, and R.T. copied some FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM and SOLITUDE AETURNUS albums for me. Since everyone in GEHENNA lived in a different state (which put SANGRAAL on hold too), and R.T.'s band MORGION were going through some line up shit, he and I decided that we had to start playing music together. We decided to call the band GRAVEHILL because if it was a good enough name for HELLHAMMER to use before they were HELLHAMMER, it was good enough for us. I suggested we have Damn Shane BastardDemon (who I worked with at a Bionic Records in Fullerton) play guitar. He's always been a good friend and his taste in music will be always fucking great. R.T. agreed and when I asked Shane of he wanted to play some sort of HELLHAMMER meets AUTOPSY, meets SODOM type of shit he replied "I've got 2 songs". We started to practice and before we knew it Shane had written a ton of amazing songs. BastardDemon, R.T. and I had arranged those songs together. The lyrics were all R.T. (I wrote like one or two lines). We had a great rehearsal room in Pamona. Things were going solid. We recorded this demo with our friend Phil White and Rusty Cavander at a warehouse that Phil's dad used for his company Winners Circle Auto Detail. The room had high ceilings and a great natural reverb. BastardDemon and myself wanted to release it only on cassette. R.T. wanted CDR's because he said it would be more accessable for people. We did both formats (about 50 of each) and about 3 dozen T-shirts. We went through all of the stuff in 2 days.
I think that is when the end started.
in 2001 MORGION had reformed and they shared our rehearsal space with us. R.T. wanted to focus on MORGION so he stopped coming to GRAVEHILL practice all together. Our studio caught on fire on a night that we were supposed to practice.
After that we never practiced with R.T. again and MORGION moved out of the studio.
R.T. did MORGION and KEEN OF THE CROW, and said he "Wanted to stick to playing epic sounding symphonic doom." BastardDemon and were cool with that cause we wanted to get high as fuck and make noise that was less part of a music scene and more just sheer sonic torture. So we formed DEVIL (scroll down and you'll get that junk sorted out).
Anyhow I moved away. in
July of 2006 Rhett emailed me to say he was doing a new thrash metal project with our dog Mikey Abominator from GASP and wanted to call it GRAVEHILL. I was like "Yeah man fine. Just don't do anything with the demo songs cause those are Shane's." He told me "ummm I gave 'em to this dude Aesop to release on his cassette only label". I was like "Wait... you what? C'mon man. Tell him to stop that shit cause you know that you can't do that without Shane's permission and I don't want to be in the middle of some fuck quarrel over this shit." He told Aesop to stop. I saw them at Amoeba Records in San Francisco 4 months later. I was pretty bummed. I felt like this fucking Aesop dude was stealing something from me. I vowed when I met him one day I'd punch him in the balls till his kids were born with black eyes.
What sort of dick with no fucking taste would do such a thing?
Amoeba sold out of them and I got over it.

Fast forward to last year. So I've got a computer now and it works good I just started to check out this blogging shit and it's super fucking cool. One of my favorite blogs is THE COSMIC HEARSE. The guy who runs it seems to have a grip on a lot of the stuff I like about music, and a great sense of humor. His name is Aesop. I think he is a really interesting dude.
hmmmm wait a second....Aesop... Aesop

Fast forward to today. I figured out that he is the same Aesop.
Boy do I feel dumb.

Anyhow R.T. and Mikey and I are all still friends, and GRAVEHILL is gonna play here soon. They wont play any of these jams because the Chief Rocker Mike Apocalypse isn't in the band anymore, but they'll still rage!

And Aesop... I will not punch you in the balls, but I will try to get you to buy me a beer.

Click this link and enjoy my wonderful voice and bass playing (except on the last song is R.T. singing).

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fuck The World



Everything else is a joke.

Don't understand?

You will!!!


SANGRAAL "Gemini Wars" Demo Tape

In early 1997 Edwin from WICKED WITCH hit us up about releasing a GEHENNA record. We would like that and because we were going to do a European tour with CATHARSIS we suggested that the record was a split 12" with them. We told Ed that we didn't have any new GEHENNA material, but we had a tape of the show we played at CBGB on the Eat, Fight, Fuck tour. Ed was all for it and the record came out great. Just before we went on the tour we recorded a couple GEHENNA songs comps,and at the same time we recorded the M.F.T.S. side for our split with 46 SHORT. We had some extra time in the studio so we tried to get some roughs down for some stuff that "Misery" Mickey Rhodes Featherstone (GEHENNA's bass player) had wrote. It was fucking vicious as fuck, and I knew right then and there that Rhodes' new project was gonna be fucking cruel and destroy some lives. We talked and all decided to send a copy to Edwin. When we saw him in Europe he told us that he wanted to release a record. So it was set in stone right then and there. Rhodes told him we would record something as soon as we finished writing the record. When we got back to the states everybody went their separate ways for a moment. 2 months later while I was living in Phoenix I got a tape from Rhodes (who was in Reno at the time) in the mail. It was a fucking horribly brilliant and masterpiece, of cruel guitar riffs with no drums or vocals. It sounded like a hurricane tearing the planes from the sky and ripping buildings apart. After I got done listening to the tape I looked in the envelope and saw there was a piece of paper with some of the strangest and most dark lyrics I had ever read on it. I turned the page over and it said "I'm ready when you are Mike. Let's go." 2 weeks later I moved to Orange and so did Rhodes. Yoches was already there so we started practicing at his house. I thought we were going to write some stuff, but I was wrong. Rhodes had EVERYTHING. He knew where he wanted the drum fills, how the bass line would go and had lyrics for all of the songs. We got ahold of our friend Rusty Cavender who recorded a ton of stuff for friends of ours and had offered us a spot to record plenty of times before. We went in and recorded the whole demo in 6 hours (we were 3 hours late cause Rhode and Yoches were getting some dope). We mixed the recording a couple of weeks later. We released about 35 copies of it to friends and played a show. Rhodes said we had to rerecord the whole thing, cause he had an idea for some other songs and he wanted me to actually play bass instead of drinking beer and punching the strings. I said O.K. and that was when we did "Wolves Of Armageddon" LP.
Check out the laughs on "Long Haired Kings". They're WAAAAAYYYY better on this demo.

Who Loves ya PapstMaster B? ha ha ha haaaaaa

"Heavy Metal For Satan"

6 years ago myself and 3 other substance abusers climbed into a hot smoke filled shack and recorded what we thought was the perfect blend of BLASPHEMY, G.I.S.M., and DESOLATION ANGELS. We named the band DEVIL and gave a few close friends copies of the first tape. Like all good dope and diseases it eventually it got passed around pretty far from the original circle of deviants. We had quite a few folks try to talk us into releasing the demo but we held out. We decided to go in and record more stuff and try to see if these same fucks that asked to release it were able to rage along side us. I mean if you cant get high and drunk with someone and not try to kill them, then you shouldn't let them release your record! Anyhow all of the folks that made offers turned out to be pretty lame and light weight sissy-dogs. So both the first and second recording just kind of sat around for months. I moved up to Reno Nevada and kind of forgot about it and everybody moved on to different stuff. Shane was focused on DISCREET DOLL BAND. Kelly had a ton of work shit and a crazy turn of events that fucked up his living situation. Henry, like myself became an olympic style fuck up and wound up coming down and pretty hung over for a year or so. But we had all agreed to wait for the label that was going to be run by the best dudes to get fucked up with. No one could hang with us. So we all thought it would never come out.
Enter our friend the Scotsman Mike Kendric...
I got a call at 11:30 p.m. "Yo Mike it's me, Mike Kendric. I'm at this strip club in Reno. Do you still live here?" I replied "Sure man I'll come pick you up and we'll go get fucked up."
Long story short, $175.00 worth of $2 beers 4 grams of blow and 3 packs of cigarettes later, at 10:45 a.m. Kendric vomits on the stairs inside of Lil' Nugget, and walks over and orders an Awful Awful (a 3/4 pound burger that I'll talk about some other time), a shot of Jim Beam, and a Budwiser. Then he looks at me calmly and says "Before they kick us out of here, or the cops come, I wanted to tell you that I'm starting a record label with Jeremy Westphal. We're going only release stuff by bands that are our friends. You know, guys we could get wasted with who hate everything the rest of the world is doing. You know, kind of like an archive of all of our dogs, who've done so much great stuff that no one is ever going to hear unless we put it out. I still want to do the DEVIL tape. What do you think?" At that point i had to stop and make a choice. I went with the Awful Awful, and Jack and Coke. I told him that it sounded good but I would have to think about it for a little while.
15 minutes later it when we finished our burgers it was decided.
Anyhow these are the labels for the upcoming DEVIL "Heavy Metal For Satan" 7". It's gonna be a fairly small pressing but stay tuned for more info on it's release. I'll make sure to post any and all information as soon as it is coming back from the pressing plant.


Steppin' in Sheed's

These are the best things I've ever put on my feet. They came out in '07 and I dropped around $250.00 on 'em, but you can pick up a pair for pretty cheap right now. If you want the best get a pair of these bitches!

Heres a URL I just found with a lot more info.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Hailing from Oakland California, Giving Tree is more than just a rap group. Made up of emcee / activist Seneca and producer / educator DJ Saurus, they deliver thought provoking lyrics and heart pounding beats while working to build local healing centers, feed the less fortunate and reach out to the community. Over the last 12 years DJ Saurus has been involved in engineering recordings and production with underground legends Unified School District. Saurus has done promotion with Universatile Music label mates Scarub and Grayskull. During that time Seneca stuck to a nonstop live schedule and learned to blend the arts of rhyme, rhythm and soul to become a catalyst for social change. Giving Tree has done countless live shows throughout the West coast and are also about to do some select shows in European this summer. They've ripped stages with artists like Mos Def, KRS-One, Scarub, Zion I, Aceyalone, Casual, Killa Priest, The Insects and Greyboy All Stars. They are now on the eve of releasing of their much anticipated debut album, “Apples”, on Universatile Music. Click the link below and plant “The Seeds Of Revolution.”

Here is the URL for the unblended version for DJ's who want to drop this into Serato.

Check out their myspace profile too.


This is kind of a test run. So bare with me on my first post.