Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reno Rock'N'Roll by Request

Technically this wasn't a request. But his holiness Pabst B asked about these dudes, so I thought I'd take the time to write about The FARLEY OVERDOSE.

These party animals live in Reno NV and play some top notch hardcore with tons of metal and rock added in for good measure. Imagine if you will if after C.O.C. released "Animosity", they convinced Kerry King from SLAYER to join the band and use the material he was writing for "Reign In Blood", but during practice they all got super stoned and tried to play THIN LIZZY and BLACK SABBATH songs as fast as they could, between pounding pint glasses of whiskey. That's about what The FARLEY OVERDOSE sounds like to me.
If they're on tour, smoke them out, get them some booze, and watch them go apeshit. I'm serious. Live the band is beyond words! Rock Cocaine Records is going to release an LP later NEXT MONTH.

Check out their blog, follow it and download both of their demos:

If you're not into it then you're probably pretty lame at partying.



  1. thanks! that was a very good idea! listened to "Follow The Cult" on their blog while d/l the 2 demos and the bass-intro is totally bad ass!

  2. MR.Cocaine called me today to let me tell me he got the test pressings for the FARLEY OVERDOSE LP, and was very pleased with them. I think that LP is going to be done in about a month. I'll post the ordering info as soon as MR.Cocaine gives me all of the pricing details. Or you can always "follow.the.cult" for more info.