Monday, February 22, 2010

SANGRAAL - Fatal Coordinates 7"

It's finally out. The first release from SANGRAAL since 1998. 5 new songs of barbaric violent thrash similar to KVIKKSOLGUTTENE and early DODHEIMSGARD from the creators of the classic "Wolves Of Armageddon" LP.
There is only one way to get it... well concealed cash.
$7 ppd in the U.S., $10 ppd rest of the world.

Rock Cocaine Records
P.O. Box 1402
Tempe AZ 85280

Check out one of the songs from the record here:


  1. hell, yes!

    on a coincidence someone left a comment on my blog yesterday and offered to "suck my my dick" if I'd re-up the SANGRAAL 12" for him...

    anyway, will send you money later today!

  2. Damn...
    The only offers I ever got out of SANGRAAL recordings was to "get beat the fuck up" if I didn't turn it off. It's gotta be the Pope hat. The hat gets 'em every time.
    Mickey runs the Rock Cocaine label only takes cash in the mail. He is very trust worthy though, and you don't have to worry about a thing with him.

  3. I wanna get some for Vinyl Solution. Is there a rate for multiple copies? - Chase (

  4. following the url below might give one the idea that what your were offered cause of SANGRAAL was better than what I was offered...

    I'd be really disappointed if a record label with a brilliant name like "Rock Cocaine" would operate on the basis of paypal, etc. but that's just me and when I read the name of the label my 1st thoughts were the name of the label was pretty heavy influenced from a habit with the same name as the label.

    I guess I should just shut the fuck up till I'm a little bit more sober again...

  5. Chase...
    I just talked to Mickey on the phone and he said "wholesale means 10 or more. So I guess $5 u.s. and $8 world. But it has to be at least 10 copies for wholesale pricing cause I don't have time to fuck with anything else." So fold up some flyers with a $50 dollar bill and get some records for Drac and the boys.

    Yeah Mickey named his label after "2 things people really like." I think it's a great name for a label. He's going to be releasing some awesome stuff soon like THE FARLEY OVERDOSE LP, SLAUGHTERHOUSE DEATH KAMP 7" and a VIOLENT RULER LP. If Mickey ever gets a paypal account I'll be bummed the fuck out.

  6. I wasn't bullshitting you when I wrote that the name is brilliant! even though I didn't make the connection to 2 things before you mentioned it.

    I d/l the S.D.K. demo you posted a while ago and that's a real ripper for sure! I also d/l the VIOLENT RULER stuff but haven't had the time to really give it a listen but I never heard of THE FARLEY OVERDOSE before.

    anyway, I'll hit you up via e-mail later or tomorrow...

  7. Mate, this is great news, I've been waiting on a new Sangraal record for years! Thanks for the heads up. Will be in SF this Sept on tour again.

  8. Holy shit, I DO WANT THAT. Just gets me worried the fact that mail services down here in Brazil suck som much.

  9. Hello from the UK! could you tell me, please, if this is still available? dont really want to send $$$ across the ocean if not. thanks - J