Thursday, May 7, 2009


Hey folks.
Sorry there hasn't been any new stuff for a week. I was out making money.
Anyhow.... It's been brought to my attention by a gentleman in the band VEGAS (yes a gentleman), that the Mediafire is a bit troublesome for folks in many parts of the world to use. So over the last few days I've been trying to find out more about this, and debating on weather or not I should reset my old posts with a couple of different source links. And in the future I'll post everything with a couple of different links. Leave a comment and let me know it seems like a good idea to sort of re-up the older posts. I'm not going to post anything else until I get this sorted out.



  1. Oh T... how your country hates thee.

  2. I got one for you - as the PHC discography wouldn't let me extract all tracks a re-up of that one would be nice!

  3. O.K. I guess its settled. Being a devoted member of the "Church" and all I have to follow the Pope's orders. I'll get all of this stuff re-set.

  4. you could try rapidshare, or megaupload. if you upload to sharebee it automaticaly spreads it on several servers so people can choose between rapidshare/mediafire/megaupload and i think some more free hosting services.