Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's been over a month....

...and I still don't have my shit together. I know, I know... Just take it easy. I didn't forget, I just got busy chasing dollars to pay rent and working on some other stuff.

"What other stuff?" your probably thinking. Well I'll tell ya.

1.) DEVIL 7" details. (it should be out the end of August)
2.) GEHENNA "This World Is A Shit Hole" 10" layouts and printing details. (Trust me, even though you may never get one, your gonna always want one. Limited to just 9 copies this soon to be a legendary piece of vinyl should be out by mid July. Start to save your money right now cause they're not gonna come cheap.)
3.) My Grandmothers death. (I wasn't really working on this one, it just sort of happened and took up a bit of time.)
4.) New GEHENNA shirt designs. (These are gonna be great. One will be exclusive through A389 Records and one through the great folks at ICON SCREEN PRINTING.)
5.) A special mail order edition of the GEHENNA - Lands Of Sodom 7". (this is gonna be done by mid July also).
6.) A post that was gonna knock the socks off of some folks.

So this is what I've got for you.

SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS - "Poems To The Wretches Hearts" MCD. This bad motherfucker came out in 99. I liked it a lot when I got it, but it wasn't until later that I really grew to know how much I had in common with this band.
In 2004 I lived at Murder Corner in the city of Orange. I used to lock my self in my room and snort massive rails of coke (we're talking shit the size of hightop sneaker laces) and try to use these songs to fly into another dimension. I would turn this up on my stereo, and I'd play my guitar or bass and hope Satan would use his power and force to control my hand and make the music I was playing and hearing open a portal. A magical passage to a distant place where the winds would drive the cocaine blizzards relentlessly, keeping me high for eons. Where the only light came from a flame climbing towards the end of a cigarette, and the glow of the front of a stereo. A place where the sounds of depressive, cruel, and suicidal minor chords bled into moans and screams of torture, hate, and misery. A place known to SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS as Germany.
Shortly after this CD they released a 7" called "1000 Kalte Winter". It had an all white cover with white printing, and white embossed letters. I think that Germany in 1999 and the city of Orange in 2004 were a lot a like.

Download this and get your guitar and the devil's dandruff ready to open your own gateways.


  1. thats a lot of great news! jamming to sun of the sleepless.

  2. Oi Mike I wrote this in the new issue:
    Discreet Doll Band – Back In Business 7”
    I’d put this record together with the Live Fast Die Pissing On The Mainframe single and the new GG King Adult Rock single as my 2009 favourites of the generation who grew up when Freestone was as easy to access as the Ramones for young idiots looking for loud guitars and shitty ideas. Totally killer three song 7 of seedy glam / goth influenced scum punk, like early GG meets Sounds Of Laughter era TSOL or Deathwish era Christian Death. Such a perfect sound it’s like someone set this record up for me as some kind of elaborate practical joke.
    Records like these are becoming a total abomination. The chains are getting tighter and people are beginning to become more aware of the fraud of the banking system, and the results will be more and more restrictions of civil liberties, and, obviously, less disposable income, so as the quality of music increases, as our need for it as a transmitter of our paranoia and frustrations deepens, our ability to connect with it will become more and more restricted as it becomes more and more digitalized. There are an increasing number of bands that have recordings available only online, and this represents a sinister development. I strongly encourage bands that feel like mp3s are the only appropriate medium for any of their music to reconsider: you are reducing the quality of your recording, the impact and resonance of your sound and, most disturbing, you are participating in a calculated attempt to cheapen the importance and impact of music. Support record distribution networks that were established in order to avoid participation in the music industry by providing your music on a physical, analogue format so people can access it easily, and while, like Discreet Doll Band, they will be hard to locate, they will hold a greater value for the listener when located.

    Send me that Gehenna shit and your address so I can post the new issues and some records... take it easy...DX