Monday, June 15, 2009

Hard White

It's MixTape Monday and here goes some goodstuff.

A couple of years back I was in Amoeba's DJ/MIXTAPE section and I found what looked like a new ALCHEMIST mixtape called "Hard White: The Rockumentary". I was pretty excited to hear ALC behind the tables instead of just the boards, and the cover said it featured BIG NOYD and a couple of other QB folks. I dropped it in my basket, picked up some other shit, dropped some cash and split. When I got home and listened to it and I found out that it wasn't really a mixtape, but more like an album, and the only thing ALC did was introduce the mixtape. Needless to say I was a little bummed, but got over it pretty quickly when I heard SID ROAMZ beats and this dude named UN PACINO rap. As I listened to this over and over again for the next 2 weeks, I realized that I didn't give a fuck about any other flows on this thing but U.P.'s verses. Dude sounds like he's relaxed as fuck, while spitting the meanest shit, which is a perfect fit over SID ROAMZ synth heavy beats. Since then it seems like every couple of months I'll hear a song with UN on it and he steals the whole show. Not only that but he's also earned a bit of a reputation as "The Rapper Slapper" for knocking the shit out of entertainers who think the image their publicist gave them is real. Anyhow I wanted to listen to this and I think you folks might like it too.


  1. Dope. Can't wait to check this out. You know I'm a huge QB fiend and the Sid Roams crew is one of the few primarily keyboard producers I can hang with. Shit is always mad ominous. Yo Mike, check out that Big Twins mixtape too (w/ alc, sid roams, evidence production)

  2. ayo mike, i think this file is fucked up. can't extract the rar. anyone else have problems with it? i'm fiendin for that white! - eons

  3. ayo mike, i think this file might be fucked up. it gives me an error when i try to extract the rar. anyone else have problems? fiendin for that white!

  4. Hey E...

    I just tried setting it up on MegaUpload.
    Try this