Friday, September 25, 2009

Folk You

In the young part of this decade (i.e. the "wake up 2-early-thousands") I worked for an import music distributor. It was great cause I pretty much chatted on the phone about new releases and re-issued records to store owners all day and got some great promo's. One of them was this VASHTI BUNYAN - Just Another Diamond Day CD. I head it and was so confused by it I hated it but I was selling copies to all of these collector freak record shop dudes. I listened to it a few more times, and still didn't get it. That promo ended up in a stack of stuff to trade in at AARONS records in Hollywood.
Fast forward 6 years to 2007. I was at AQUARIUS records digging in the dollar boxes (the first place to shop in any store) when I saw that odd sounding name VASHTI BUNYAN again. I thought "Fuck it. $1 isn't too much to give this a second chance" and I picked up a promotional copy of "Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind". When I got home I realized that this wasn't the same album I'd had before, but a bunch of singles, b-sides and demos. I listened to it and half way through was completely taken with the rawness and honesty of the sound. While the album i'd heard a few years back had a cleaner, late 60's pop production on a budget feel and sound, the demo material is a much more minimalist. From track 14 on Vashti's haunting voice lies right on top of a steel string acoustic guitar that sounds like it was all part of a one take practice demo. Anyhow check this shit out and if you hate it.... Gimme a minute and I'll post some shit your gonna dig.

R.I.P. Don Steele
R.I.P. Grand Master Roc Raida


  1. sweet to see you're back to blogging!

  2. Check out the Shelagh McDonald's Stargazer album and let me know what you think. And Judee Sill's Heart Food. Come on, it has food in the title!