Wednesday, October 7, 2009

GEHENNA - Die High Shirt Series

Now taking pre-orders for the first part of the limited Die High Shirt Series. Pre-orders will end Friday November 6th and all orders will ship Monday November 9th.
Shirts are $15 each or $40 for the set.
For orders outside of the U.S. add $5 for the first shirt and $2 for each additional shirt.

Send paypal payment to:

Be sure to include size and style number in the comments section.

Example: If you live in Mexico and you want an XL GG shirt and the Belushi shirt you will send $37 and the comments will read

XL 001, 003

Oh yeah... Here is a new GEHENNA called "Get Fucked Up".
I'm pulling it down in a day or so so get it now...

Sorry dudes. That download was limited too.
I'll let you know when the record is coming out.


  1. damn im trying to remember to check this site out every day but i somehow missed this one. any chance to get that download up again?

    anyway cant wait to hear the new record!


  2. Sorry man, it was a limited download. The record will be out soon though, and I'll keep you posted on that.

  3. i wanna die listening to this song...FUCKN RULES

  4. Missed it... goddamn! Lemme know when it comes back up. Haven't been lurking the web for a while. Are these shirts still alive?

  5. Sorry you guys missed it.
    It will be back up after the record is out.

  6. Put "Get Fucked Up" on a cd-r a few nights ago, then got drunk and drove around at top speed listening to it over and over and over looking for cops to ram into.