Saturday, October 10, 2009

DEVIL "Live Entry" 7"

I wrote DEVIL and told the drug and drink story of our record deal a little while ago (April 7th "Heavy Metal For Satan" posting). After a lot of hard work by our friends at VEDAVU records and some title and artwork changes by BastardDemon and myself the 7" is almost ready to come out. Order info will be up soon. This will be limited to only 41 copies.

Here is a song that will NOT be on the 7".

This is the artwork that might be used for a limited T-shirt:

Check out VEDAVU here:

I suggest you grab anything they release. Music is fucking ace and the packaging is unreal. Total collector pieces.

P.S. The DEVIL 7" is not $.01 that is an error. It's gonna be something like $15. I'll keep you in the loop.

P.P.S. Feel free to leave comments. I noticed that 42 folks downloaded the 1 day GEHENNA track and I only got 1 person who posted a comment. His comment was that he missed the download, and wanted to know if I would repost it. For real, if you download something just post a comment. It only has to be one word. Like "Cool" or "Nice" or "Good" or "Yuck" or "Buffalo", I don't care just post something so I have a little bit of feedback.

Why do I know I'm gonna see 10 comments that say "Buffalo" tomorrow.


  1. the guy on the artwork that may be used for shirts, am I mistaken or is that drawing some kind of homeage to Evil Ernie?

    if so: great choice! still love the comics!

    if not: well, still not bad either!



    p.s.: to sum up my opininion on that GEHENNA track in one word I guess I'd choose either wicked or vicious...

  2. Fucking awesome. The vocals are fucking killer! Can't wait for this 7".

  3. I knew I could count on The Pope to lead people into the promise land! Thanks man.

    The art was done by Mike "The Scott" Montague (who went all out in Reno with me in the first DEVIL post) and Jeremy "Booze Blizzard" Westphal. Those guys are great artists. I really like Ernie's stuff but we're far too broke to afford him. The art for the 7" cover is super surrealistic and I'd even say a bit psychedelic. Shane BastardDemon designed the new art (of course he was fucking high) and I like it a lot, but the one The Scott, and Booze Blizzard did is totally killer too.

  4. Mr Apocalypse, the new Gehenna song is wicked, vicious, and totally buffalo.
    I would of commented earlier, but upon first hearing the song I was possessed to; as the song says; "get fucked up". I have only now just re-entered this reality. Please accept my apologies.

    The DEVIL song is fucking great too.

  5. I enjoyed that new Gehenna song. Thank you Mike.

    I'll be checking out that Devil song shortly.

  6. Holy shit! Another ripper. Buffalo.
    I need to get ahold of this, and we need to catch up. I'll save up some money selling kangaroo pelts on ebay so I can international call you sometime.

  7. K.O. played bass in G.I.T. and in Devil, and can hit a shot from 22 feet out while smoking a cigarette. Dude is a natural baller.

  8. I followed your suggestion and checked out the VEDAVU stuff.
    therefore I was lucky enough to snatch the last copy of the SUMERIAN AXE By This Axe I Rule 7" which surfaced today. I totally agree that the music is ace but the packaging is BEYOND UNREAL! top notch job! I'm completely blown away! haven't seen anything like that since the SATANIC THREAT 7"!

  9. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

    That means the buffalo from Buffalo who are buffaloed by buffalo from Buffalo also buffalo the buffalo from Buffalo.