Friday, October 16, 2009

"Life's A Bitch

... and then you die. That's why we get high. Cause you never know when your gonna go!"

When AZ sang that chorus I was pretty sure mother fuckers were gonna see a lot more of him. Guess what. It happened. When his debut album "Doe Or Die" came out Mickey Featherstone and I were all about it. Mickey had this AZ Doe Or Die sticker that was 8 1/2" x 11" covering the entire back of his bass guitar and when GEHENNA would play shows people used to always trip. I remember when we first heard "Uncut Raw".It was the sickest shit ever. Anyhow if you understand me, cool. If not got get AZ -Doe Or Die.

This aint about that. This is about Rich Bitch Records, the label that Mickey operates. It's a label that releases all sorts of interesting punk rock and roll jams. I put together a Rich Bitch Sample with some of the stuff from the label.

Check this shit.

If you want to check more shit I'll be playing a lot of it on this sunday when I DJ at Laszlo 2526 Mission. San Francisco CA 94110. Come through and grab a drink.

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