Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Don't Wanna Go Out

Some dick brought a copy of the STOOGES record to Australia in 1970. I think I owe that dick a lot cause it seems like after that Australia's punk movement became the most amazing thing in the world. Bands like RADIO BIRDMAN, The SAINTS, LEFTOVERS, SUICIDE SQUAD, CHOSEN FEW, VICTIMS, RAZAR, FUN THINGS, NEWS and tons more were the results.
Australian bands took the STOOGES and MC5 (who already had the cool swagger of Motown ingrained in them) and combined it with the nasty dirty sounds of island isolation and pub anthems.
X is one of the best to do this. They seem to combine the sound of roaring drunken ALICE COOPER like vocals, with an dangerous overblown punk rock elements of the STOOGES, and the snotty attitude and rhythms of the CLASH.

Needless to say these bands and their style had a huge influence on me and the type music of attitude I have from 8,000 miles away. Maybe it's cause we all like the STOOGES. Anyway, Check out their "Aspirations" album out from the link below and get ready to go nuts with me in Texas this May.


  1. Yo Mike, do you have the recent reissue 7" with the first recordings they did? Alongside Chosen Few and the Saints, X are the best Australian punk band, and these early recordings have them sounding like some kinda barbaric Oi! band a few years before Oi! was invented, haha.
    Shoot me an email with your address, I have a copy for you.
    Great post! Advance Australia Fair!

  2. I don't have that 7", but I'll be on the hunt starting today.

    BARBARIC OI?!? I think that should have been the name of ROSE TATTOO.

    Australian and Anti-Christ!!!