Monday, April 20, 2009

BEATNOK - X Amount Mix Tape

Welcome back to MixTapeMonday. Since it 4/20 and all I thought I'd drop a couple of posts. One is because I think both of these are amazing. And two... well, cause I aint got shit else to do. Anyhow... Like ol' SLICK RICK said "Heeeeeerrre we go".

Do you see that young man in the picture up there? The one who looks like he is DJ's in a burning building? Yeah, thats my man Nico a.k.a. BEATNOK. He's a great guy and an awesome DJ. I met him when he used to DJ at the bar I work at here in San Francisco. His thursday night Reggae party was the night of the week I always looked forward to. Nice folks, good music, weed, and a lot of laughing. BEATNOK and the whole I&I VIBRATIONS sound system kind of out grew the bar and started to move on to bigger stuff. They throw a friday night at El Rincon where they bring through a ton of folks to play music like along with legends like THE MIGHTY DIAMONDS, and TERRY GANZIE. But the night of the week that is always amazing is monday at Skylark on 16th street in San Francisco. I suggest you go check it out for yourself. IT IS MIND BLOWING! Monday nights anywhere are usually dead everywhere and there's never anything happening but at Skylark it is completely different. It gets packed full of people there to dance, drink, smoke weed, and live good. So here is one of BEATNOK's mix tapes. Give it a listen and then if you live in the bay area go to Skylark on a Monday night. Oh yeah... If you wanna talk Basketball the bartender at Skylark Kyle is the man.

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