Monday, April 13, 2009


This little piece of auditory gold came out in 2001, and as far as I remember it was supposed to be "pretty limited". So the record shop I worked at ordered whatever we could get our hands on (I think it was from Revolver distro). Anyhow when we sold through them we didn't get restocked. I was a little bummed out that I missed this thing. Especially cause when I heard it the day they came in stock I was blown away. "How in the fuck on earth did I not buy that fucking DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist shit?!? Fuck!" I repeated this sentence for months. Almost to a point where I would look at invoices from distros and see that we had it back ordered and it was never coming back. We got zeroed on invoice after invoice and I started to just give the fuck up. Then one day an import distro listed "Product Placement" on their fax. We ordered 10 copies, knowing that we wouldn't ever see 'em. When our order came and we got it in the order I freaked out. I listened to DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist rip the fucking shit out of records, on both of these 30 minute tracks, non stop for a week straight... Good times. Anyhow Ol' Aesop at the COSMIC HEARSE blog just dropped "Brain Freeze" (which is a stone cold killer too) and reminded me of how bad assed this album is, and I thought I'd post it so all of you could peep it if you didn't have it. So scroll down, click the link, and enjoy.


This is gonna be the first post in a series that I'm gonna call "Mix Tape Monday". Basically I'm gonna upload a different mix tape that I think you should try and check out every monday. If this aint your bag then just wait till Tuesdays to read this blog from now on.