Friday, April 10, 2009

Dom Done Dis Download

aaaaaaaaaaaay Dudes...
My buddy Dom runs this fucking fantastic record label called A389 Recordings. He's super big on quality product with super sharp packaging and stuff. He works really hard to do some great records. When Dom and I talked about GEHENNA's "War Of The Sons.." on vinyl he was super excited and said (and this is an actual quote from him that he said to me on the phone because I fucking wrote it down):

"I want to put out this record for Me. So it has to look good. I want to sit around looking at it for hours."

And he does that with EVERYTHING he does!
He is like the ultimate record geek that started a label just so he could add to his dream collection.

Anyhow here is a URL for a the site.

Go there and get the free label sampler. Then buy some of those goodies from him so you can geek the fuck out too

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