Monday, April 6, 2009


Hailing from Oakland California, Giving Tree is more than just a rap group. Made up of emcee / activist Seneca and producer / educator DJ Saurus, they deliver thought provoking lyrics and heart pounding beats while working to build local healing centers, feed the less fortunate and reach out to the community. Over the last 12 years DJ Saurus has been involved in engineering recordings and production with underground legends Unified School District. Saurus has done promotion with Universatile Music label mates Scarub and Grayskull. During that time Seneca stuck to a nonstop live schedule and learned to blend the arts of rhyme, rhythm and soul to become a catalyst for social change. Giving Tree has done countless live shows throughout the West coast and are also about to do some select shows in European this summer. They've ripped stages with artists like Mos Def, KRS-One, Scarub, Zion I, Aceyalone, Casual, Killa Priest, The Insects and Greyboy All Stars. They are now on the eve of releasing of their much anticipated debut album, “Apples”, on Universatile Music. Click the link below and plant “The Seeds Of Revolution.”

Here is the URL for the unblended version for DJ's who want to drop this into Serato.

Check out their myspace profile too.

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