Saturday, April 25, 2009

MISTREATER - "Hell's Fire" LP + Comp Tracks

MISTREATER are just one more example of how fucking amazing Cleveland Ohio is when it comes to music. These four dudes put together a band to "Sound like UFO" but wound up with something far more sinister and heavy. The vocals kind of remind me of if Paul Di'Anno was in a drug induced trance or something. It's pretty haunting stuff, and coupled with NWOBHM style guitar tones this makes you wonder why any one ever invented solid state electronics. The first thing I heard from these dudes was on the CLEVELAND METAL comp. and I thought they were fucking berserk. I hunted for their stuff for a long time until finally my friend Charles from Cleveland got me set with copies of all of their early recorded output. Anyhow here it is for you to check out and head bang to.

Tracks 1-7 come from 1981's "Hell's Fire" LP
Track 8 is the B-side from the "Hell's Fire" 7"
Track 9 is off of the "CLEVELAND METAL" Comp. LP
Track 10 from "Mitch Capka's CLEVELAND'S HEAVY METAL : ETCHED IN STEEL" Comp LP

Click the link below and get yourself some amazing heavy metal.


  1. wow, how can i find a vinyl copy of this record??

  2. Check with my pal Charles at My Minds Eye Record Shop in Lakewood Ohio. I'm pretty sure he has a copy or two. Be warned though this bitch aint cheap. It'll run ya at least $50 for one in decent shape.