Thursday, April 23, 2009

NORTHERN BRIGHT - "Northern Songs"

I was at a baseball game yesterday afternoon. It was 10 innings and the Giants won in the bottom of the tenth.When I was leaving the game I heard some guy talking about "Japanese Efficiency". Initially I was like "Fuck I hate understanding English right now, but then I thought about it and this guy maybe right. You see the Japanese can take anything and study it, master it, duplicate it, upgrade it, and eventually revolutionize it. Think about it. The shipping trade routes of the pacific ocean, cuisine, the automotive industry, baseball, cartoons, jumping in the air and kicking stuff, and NORTHERN BRIGHT are all perfect examples of the Japanese mastering part of a different culture integrating it into their own and revolutionizing it.
Wait... What's that? You don't know about NORTHERN BRIGHT?
Oh... What do you get when 3 guys from Japan hear early 90's Brit Pop?
Yeah that's right, a perfect OASIS meets THE VERVE meets SUEDE blend that is like listening to an unreleased 90's Brit pop classic, except with Japanese and English lyrics. There is a ton of fun "Engrish" pronunciations too. Check it out. It rules.
"You My Lieshing Shuunn."

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